July 2020
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New Help Center, Brands CSS, AWS SES and a turnip timer for good measure

New Help Center: Visit our new Help Center to find how-to guides for the Courier web application and informational resources.

New CSS Classnames**: Brand templates now have standardized CSS classnames, allowing you to edit the CSS.

New AWS SES Integration: You can now integrate AWS SES as an email channel in your notifications.

Summer Fun: Aydrian joined Chloe Condon from Azure to build a Turnip Timer for Animal Crossing - it’s pure summer fun.

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πŸš€ Complete

Messages API, Mailgun attachments, and Twillio delivery status

βš™οΈNew Messages API Endpoint: There’s a new [Messages API endpoint] (https://docs.trycourier.com/reference/messages-api#getmessagehistorybyid) that allows you to get a timeline of events for a given message ID programmatically.

πŸ“Ž New: Mailgun attachments: You can now attach a file via the overrides.mailgun.attachments array inside the API send request.

Twilio Delivery Status: We’re excited to be rolling out β€˜delivered’ or β€˜undeliverable’ status for Twilio notifications.

πŸ”‘ Courier auth token added to General Settings: By popular demand, your auth token can now be found in the General Settings of your courier app.

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June 2020
πŸš€ Complete

New Events API, 5MB attachments, Python SDK 1.2.0

βš™οΈ New Events API: We’re excited to announce the release of our new Events API. The Events API lets you create/update, list, and get events programmatically.

πŸ“ŽImproved: 5MB Attachments:The Courier Send API now accepts attachments of up to 5 MB (the prior limit was 256 KB).

🐍Courier Python SDK v1.2.0: Version 1.2.0 of the Python SDK for Courier adds support for the Messages and Events APIs.

πŸ—‘ Deleting Integrations: It’s now possible to delete an installed Integration. Courier prevents deletion if any published notifications use the integration.

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May 2020
πŸš€ Complete

Publishing, ⚑️UI performance, Segment Beta

βœ… New: Publish & Rollback: Changes you make to a Notification will not be reflected in live notifications until you’ve published. You rollback to previously published versions in the Notification settings tab.

⚑️ *UI Performance Improvements: We’ve made major improvements to loading time – everything should feel snappier now!

πŸ”Œ Segment Beta: We’re now live with a few customers on the beta version of our Segment->Courier integration.

🎨 Notification Designer πŸ”Œ Channels & Integrations πŸš€ New
March 2020
πŸš€ Complete

Email preview, template editor, new SDKs

πŸ”Ž Email Preview: The much-requested Email Preview feature is now live!

πŸ‘Ύ Template Editor & Template Blocks: Use our new Template Editor and Template Blocks to create anything your heart desires in Handlebars syntax.

πŸ’¬Intercom Support: You can now send notifications in-app via Intercom.

πŸ›  More SDKs: Python, Go and PHP SDK.

πŸŽ™ Guest Appearance: Troy recently sat down with Jeff Meyerson at Software Engineering Daily. Listen to the interview here.

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