January 2021
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Test your notifications before going live with Environments πŸ› οΈ

With the release of Environments, you can now create, preview, and troubleshoot your notifications in a test environment before going live.

Every tenant has two environments: Test and Production. Each environment has two API keys – Draft and Published – which you can map to your own development workflow. For example, you might use the Published key in the Test environment for testing and the Draft key in the Production environment for staging.

With Environments in Courier, you have the ability to:

  • Support test and production API keys for all your integrations.
  • Copy templates, brands, tags, and more from test to production.
  • Use all of Courier’s features, including Lists, in both environments.

Learn more about Environments in our Help Center.

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πŸ”’ Control user access with new roles & permissions

If you’re on our Business or Enterprise plans, you can now assign roles to teammates in your Tenant. Assigning roles will limit your teammates’ permissions and ability to make changes to your templates, brands, integrations, and settings.

To learn more about assigning roles and their associated permissions, see our Help Center.

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November 2020
October 2020
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New Lists API and Editor improvements

New: Lists API Create lists, subscribe recipient profiles, then notify every user on the list with a single Send API call.

New: Inline images and highlighted text Email Text Blocks now allow inline images and highlight text with colors from your brand or custom hex codes.

New: Conditional text Show or hide text within any Text Block by filtering data from the data or profile objects in the Send API call.

Improved: Conditional logic Toggle between Hide/Show When logic when building conditionals based on user and profile data.

Improved: Numbered list blocks List blocks can now be numbered as well as bulleted.

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September 2020
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Courier's $10M series A, Forbes 20 Rising Stars, New 'Send' tab and a Log blog

β˜€οΈπŸŒ§πŸŒ±Series A Funding: Courier has raised a $10.1M Series A funding roundRead more in Troy’s post announcing the round.

β˜οΈπŸš€ Forbes 20 Rising Stars for 2020: We’re honored to be one of Forbes’ 20 Rising Stars in this year’s Cloud100 Rising Stars list.

πŸ“€ New: Send Tab Easily test and integrate your notifications with the Send tab.

πŸ“¬ Blog: How we built our universal message status Courier Engineer, Tony, discusses how we created our universal message status.

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August 2020
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No-code notifications on Courier Live!, API key overrides & event driven architecture post

New Courier Live: No code Notifications powered by Segment. Watch as Danny and Aydrian show you how to use the new Courier Segment beta destination to send no-code notifications.

New feature: API Key Overrides for Send Grid, Mailgun, AWS SES let you change the request body that Courier uses to send an email. New: Instagram social link in the footer of the Brands email template builder.

New blog post: Why Event Driven Architecture Works for Courier. Dive into Event Driven Architecture, why it fits Courier’s engineering needs, and our experience with it.

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"Why we built Courier", Brands Live!, Webhook dynamic destinations and Log enhancements

πŸ’‘Courier’s first blog post: β€œWhy We Built Courier”

In the beginning, there was email…for the rest of the story about β€œWhy We Built Courier” read the first post to our brand new blog by Courier CEO, Troy.

Courier Live: Branding and white-labeling email notifications

In the latest episode of Courier Live, Aydrian and Nate demo and discuss how to use the Courier Brands feature.

Improved: Webhook Dynamic Destination

With Dynamic Destinations, you can specify the webhook destination on a per-recipient basis.

Improved: Logs UX

Search the logs by recipient Email address (via UI and API). See multiple channel icons in the list view. More easily identify Errors and corespanding channel in the Log Details timeline.

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July 2020
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New Help Center, Brands CSS, AWS SES and a turnip timer for good measure

New Help Center: Visit our new Help Center to find how-to guides for the Courier web application and informational resources.

New CSS Classnames**: Brand templates now have standardized CSS classnames, allowing you to edit the CSS.

New AWS SES Integration: You can now integrate AWS SES as an email channel in your notifications.

Summer Fun: Aydrian joined Chloe Condon from Azure to build a Turnip Timer for Animal Crossing - it’s pure summer fun.

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Messages API, Mailgun attachments, and Twillio delivery status

βš™οΈNew Messages API Endpoint: There’s a new [Messages API endpoint] (https://docs.trycourier.com/reference/messages-api#getmessagehistorybyid) that allows you to get a timeline of events for a given message ID programmatically.

πŸ“Ž New: Mailgun attachments: You can now attach a file via the overrides.mailgun.attachments array inside the API send request.

Twilio Delivery Status: We’re excited to be rolling out β€˜delivered’ or β€˜undeliverable’ status for Twilio notifications.

πŸ”‘ Courier auth token added to General Settings: By popular demand, your auth token can now be found in the General Settings of your courier app.

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