November 2020
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Segment integration publicly available, internal notes, Python 1.6.0

πŸ“£ Announcing the public release of the Courier and Segment integration, the ability to add internal notes to your notifications and Python Library support for Lists API. πŸ“£ Announcing the Courier Destination for Segment ​ πŸ“· ​ Today we’re excited to announce the Courier and Segment integration is publicly available...
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August 2020
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"Why we built Courier", Brands Live!, Webhook dynamic destinations and Log enhancements

πŸ’‘Courier’s first blog post: β€œWhy We Built Courier” In the beginning, there was email…for the rest of the story about β€œWhy We Built Courier” read the first post to our brand new blog by Courier CEO, Troy. Courier Live: Branding and white-labeling email notifications In the latest episode of Courier Live, Aydrian and Nate demo and discuss how to use the Courier Brands feature...
July 2020