March 2021
πŸ›  APIs & SDKs ✨ Improved

Improved Overrides

We support API overrides for all sorts of use cases such as file attachments and hard-coded templates, but now there are four more things you can do on every send call: Email channel-level overrides - The email channel-level override allows you to set the subject, reply to, from, cc, and bcc email addresses, as well as the HTML and text via an override that will apply to all your email channels within a template (*currently only available for Mailgun and AWS SES) Email brand overrides - Brand overrides let you replace certain brand design elements via API at the time of send (logo, top bar color, brand colors). See our docs for details...
πŸ›  APIs & SDKs ✨ Improved

Lists Enhancements

We made a lot of great updates this week on what you can do with Lists in Courier to make them more powerful and easier to use: Default List Preferences - set default preferences for all notifications sent to a List Add Multiple Recipients to a List - use a single API call to add multiple recipients to a List Add Recipient to Multiple Lists - use a single API call to add a recipient to multiple Lists Delete all Recipient Subscriptions - use a single API call to remove a recipient from all Lists Check out our Lists Documentation for more details!...
February 2021
πŸ“ˆ Data Logs & Metrics πŸš€ New

Recipients List

Want insight into the recipients you’ve created via the Courier API inside the Courier app? Our new Recipients list in the Data logs lets you search and sort your Recipients list, edit Recipient profile data in the UI, search their message history and view their List subscriptions. The Recipient view is a sortable, filterable list of recipient profiles, while the individual Recipient detail view shows you: Profile details - including personal and provider information Preferences (coming soon) List Subscriptions Recent Messages For more information, see our help doc, Using the Recipients list...
January 2021
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