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Jsonnet templates & Email open tracking


New: Our new JSONNET Template Blocks help you design your messages in Courier for Slack by selecting from a list of common block types like buttons, drop-downs, images, and more.

Improved: We also support Email open tracking now, by default, for all email channels in the Data Logs.

June 5, 2020

📷 JSONNET Template Blocks

Designing messages in Courier for Slack using Block Kit just got easier. Simply add a JSONNET template block and select from a list of options for buttons, drop-downs, images, and more.


Jsonnet is a JSON to JSON templating language, which means JSONNET + your data = dynamic, custom ✨Slack blocks✨.

📧 Email Open Tracking

We now support Open Tracking by default for all email channels. No configuration required.

Simply go to the Logs and filter your messages by “Opened” to see every email your users have opened.


You can also open an individual message in the log to view details of the provider response in the timeline.


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