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Segment integration publicly available, internal notes, Python 1.6.0


πŸ“£ Announcing the public release of the Courier and Segment integration, the ability to add internal notes to your notifications and Python Library support for Lists API.

πŸ“£ Announcing the Courier Destination for Segment

​ πŸ“·

​ Today we’re excited to announce the Courier and Segment integration is publicly available. Product teams can now send targeted notifications to users on any channel – without shipping any code.

With the Courier destination in Segment, you can automatically create user profiles in Courier and trigger notifications based on events you track in Segment. For example, you might notify users when they buy a product, use a feature, or take an action like resetting their password.

πŸ“ New: Add internal notes to your notifications


​ Access and add notes by opening the Notification Settings. Once you’ve created a note, you’ll see a new note icon in the main notifications list – clicking this opens a read-only view of the note directly within the list view.


🐍 Update: Python Library support for Lists API

We’ve updated our Python SDK to add support for our new Lists API. Learn more about version 1.6.0 here.

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