April 2021
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Want to schedule a notification for later? Or sequence a few notifications together? Or escalate a notification to another channel or user? Use our powerful automation designer to orchestrate multi-step notification flows.

  • Build your automations with our five step types: Send, Send-list, Delay, Cancelation, Update-Profile.

  • Create and trigger an automation to a recipient or list of recipients on a one-off ad hoc basis via API or with a reusable automation template created in the Courier Designer.

Check out our documentation for more details

🎨 Notification Designer πŸ€– Automations πŸš€ New
January 2021
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Test your notifications before going live with Environments πŸ› οΈ

With the release of Environments, you can now create, preview, and troubleshoot your notifications in a test environment before going live.

Every tenant has two environments: Test and Production. Each environment has two API keys – Draft and Published – which you can map to your own development workflow. For example, you might use the Published key in the Test environment for testing and the Draft key in the Production environment for staging.

With Environments in Courier, you have the ability to:

  • Support test and production API keys for all your integrations.
  • Copy templates, brands, tags, and more from test to production.
  • Use all of Courier’s features, including Lists, in both environments.

Learn more about Environments in our Help Center.

🎨 Notification Designer πŸ”Œ Channels & Integrations πŸ“ˆ Data Logs & Metrics πŸš€ New
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πŸ”’ Control user access with new roles & permissions

If you’re on our Business or Enterprise plans, you can now assign roles to teammates in your Tenant. Assigning roles will limit your teammates’ permissions and ability to make changes to your templates, brands, integrations, and settings.

To learn more about assigning roles and their associated permissions, see our Help Center.

🎨 Notification Designer πŸ”Œ Channels & Integrations πŸ“ˆ Data Logs & Metrics πŸš€ New
December 2020
πŸš€ Complete

Setting Text Color

You can now set the color of the text in a Text Block. Simply highlight the text and choose from a list of preset options or use a hex value to set a custom color. You can even use a variable in the hex field to dynamically set the color via the JSON payload in your send command.

🎨 Notification Designer ✨ Improved
November 2020
October 2020
πŸš€ Complete

New Lists API and Editor improvements

New: Lists API Create lists, subscribe recipient profiles, then notify every user on the list with a single Send API call.

New: Inline images and highlighted text Email Text Blocks now allow inline images and highlight text with colors from your brand or custom hex codes.

New: Conditional text Show or hide text within any Text Block by filtering data from the data or profile objects in the Send API call.

Improved: Conditional logic Toggle between Hide/Show When logic when building conditionals based on user and profile data.

Improved: Numbered list blocks List blocks can now be numbered as well as bulleted.

πŸ›  APIs & SDKs 🎨 Notification Designer πŸš€ New ✨ Improved
July 2020
May 2020
πŸš€ Complete

Publishing, ⚑️UI performance, Segment Beta

βœ… New: Publish & Rollback: Changes you make to a Notification will not be reflected in live notifications until you’ve published. You rollback to previously published versions in the Notification settings tab.

⚑️ *UI Performance Improvements: We’ve made major improvements to loading time – everything should feel snappier now!

πŸ”Œ Segment Beta: We’re now live with a few customers on the beta version of our Segment->Courier integration.

🎨 Notification Designer πŸ”Œ Channels & Integrations πŸš€ New