April 2021
πŸš€ Complete

Preferences API Improvements

Respecting recipient preferences is a critical component of any notification strategy. Our improved Preferences API lets you give your users the ability to opt-in and set channel preferences on a per notification, category or subscription (list) basis. You can also let your customers order their channel preferences on a universal level.

For more details visit our Preferences API documentation.

πŸ›  APIs & SDKs πŸ‘₯ Profiles & Preferences ✨ Improved
March 2021
πŸš€ Complete

Improved Overrides

We support API overrides for all sorts of use cases such as file attachments and hard-coded templates, but now there are four more things you can do on every send call:

  • Email channel-level overrides - The email channel-level override allows you to set the subject, reply to, from, cc, and bcc email addresses, as well as the HTML and text via an override that will apply to all your email channels within a template (*currently only available for Mailgun and AWS SES)

  • Email brand overrides - Brand overrides let you replace certain brand design elements via API at the time of send (logo, top bar color, brand colors). See our docs for details.

  • Slack Unfurl Support - If you’re sending links in your Slack notifications, you now have the option to unfurl them for recipients! More details in our docs

  • Email Tracking - You can now let Courier know if we should enable open tracking on an Email right from the API call on a per notification basis! Check out our docs for details

πŸ›  APIs & SDKs ✨ Improved
πŸš€ Complete

Lists Enhancements

We made a lot of great updates this week on what you can do with Lists in Courier to make them more powerful and easier to use:

  • Default List Preferences - set default preferences for all notifications sent to a List
  • Add Multiple Recipients to a List - use a single API call to add multiple recipients to a List
  • Add Recipient to Multiple Lists - use a single API call to add a recipient to multiple Lists
  • Delete all Recipient Subscriptions - use a single API call to remove a recipient from all Lists

Check out our Lists Documentation for more details!

πŸ›  APIs & SDKs ✨ Improved
February 2021
πŸš€ Complete

πŸ†• Our Java SDK is now generally available

We’ve released a new Java SDK to help you start sending notifications with Courier, faster. Our Java SDK includes support for:

Check out Courier’s Java SDK on Github for more information.

If you have feedback or questions, drop by our community on Discord. We’d love to hear from you!

πŸ›  APIs & SDKs πŸš€ New
December 2020
October 2020
πŸš€ Complete

New Lists API and Editor improvements

New: Lists API Create lists, subscribe recipient profiles, then notify every user on the list with a single Send API call.

New: Inline images and highlighted text Email Text Blocks now allow inline images and highlight text with colors from your brand or custom hex codes.

New: Conditional text Show or hide text within any Text Block by filtering data from the data or profile objects in the Send API call.

Improved: Conditional logic Toggle between Hide/Show When logic when building conditionals based on user and profile data.

Improved: Numbered list blocks List blocks can now be numbered as well as bulleted.

πŸ›  APIs & SDKs 🎨 Notification Designer πŸš€ New ✨ Improved
August 2020
πŸš€ Complete

No-code notifications on Courier Live!, API key overrides & event driven architecture post

New Courier Live: No code Notifications powered by Segment. Watch as Danny and Aydrian show you how to use the new Courier Segment beta destination to send no-code notifications.

New feature: API Key Overrides for Send Grid, Mailgun, AWS SES let you change the request body that Courier uses to send an email. New: Instagram social link in the footer of the Brands email template builder.

New blog post: Why Event Driven Architecture Works for Courier. Dive into Event Driven Architecture, why it fits Courier’s engineering needs, and our experience with it.

πŸ›  APIs & SDKs πŸ”Œ Channels & Integrations πŸš€ New
July 2020
πŸš€ Complete

Messages API, Mailgun attachments, and Twillio delivery status

βš™οΈNew Messages API Endpoint: There’s a new [Messages API endpoint] (https://docs.trycourier.com/reference/messages-api#getmessagehistorybyid) that allows you to get a timeline of events for a given message ID programmatically.

πŸ“Ž New: Mailgun attachments: You can now attach a file via the overrides.mailgun.attachments array inside the API send request.

Twilio Delivery Status: We’re excited to be rolling out β€˜delivered’ or β€˜undeliverable’ status for Twilio notifications.

πŸ”‘ Courier auth token added to General Settings: By popular demand, your auth token can now be found in the General Settings of your courier app.

πŸ›  APIs & SDKs πŸ”Œ Channels & Integrations πŸš€ New ✨ Improved
June 2020
πŸš€ Complete

New Events API, 5MB attachments, Python SDK 1.2.0

βš™οΈ New Events API: We’re excited to announce the release of our new Events API. The Events API lets you create/update, list, and get events programmatically.

πŸ“ŽImproved: 5MB Attachments:The Courier Send API now accepts attachments of up to 5 MB (the prior limit was 256 KB).

🐍Courier Python SDK v1.2.0: Version 1.2.0 of the Python SDK for Courier adds support for the Messages and Events APIs.

πŸ—‘ Deleting Integrations: It’s now possible to delete an installed Integration. Courier prevents deletion if any published notifications use the integration.

πŸ›  APIs & SDKs πŸ”Œ Channels & Integrations πŸš€ New